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Soldier surnames starting with the letter B.

Bingman, Frederick

Bingman, Frederick. My greatx5 grandfather, Frederick Bingman, fought and was wounded at Brandywine, under the command of General James Potter of the PA militia. I’m currently searching for info on which unit Frederick was in. Do you have any suggestions?


Rich Zellers
Relationship: My greatx5 grandfather

Betts (Betz), Christian or Martin

Betts, Christian or Martin – Have been trying to trace two Betts brothers, possibly Betz or Bates from Germany. One may be named Christian or Martin. It has been told in our family for generations that they came from Germany and one was married to the sister of General Heintezleman, who held a command in the Continental Army during our struggle for independence. The brothers joined the army under General Heintezleman and were both killed at the battle of Brandywine. Their son lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Possibly his father lived there.

Evelyn Mathews

Barton, William Elisha

Lt. William Elisha Barton – ancestor of mine.  Probably served with Maxwell, possibly from the start of the campaign at Cooch’s Bridge.  I have the family history if you are interested.

Tom Gardner

Barrett, Edward

EDWARD BARRETT was a Private in Captain Andrew Wallace’s Company, 12th Virginia Regiment (Col. James Wood), 4th Virginia Brigade (Brigadier General Charles Scott), 2nd Division (Major General Adam Stephen), Continental Army. EDWARD BARRETT came to America from Ireland in 1750 at the age of 10 or 11, so he would have been about 36 years old when he enlisted 10 October 1776 for two years. On December 28th, 1786, after the war, he received from the State of Virginia a certificate for L33, 6s, 7d as a balance of full pay. Five of his descendants in my direct line have been named after him, with my son being number 4 of “4 in a row.”

Ed Barrett
Relationship: 4th Great Grandfather

Bowerman, Peter

My ancestor, Peter Bowerman, served from Jan 1776-1780 in the 2nd PA Bttn/3rd PA Regiment, which fought at Brandywine and Germantown, and was at Valley Forge. His pension application simply says that after they came back from Canada in the spring of 1777, he “marched around to several places not remembered”, until he participated in Gen’l Anthony Wayne’s attack on Stoney Point in July, 1779. The muster and payrolls I have for him don’t include these places: they only verify his time in Canada in 1776 and his service in the Commander-in Chief’s Guards in 1780. He is also on the “Valley Forge Muster Roll” website, though they couldn’t tell me what records they used to list him there. I don’t know what your criteria are for including someone on your site, but if we can assume he was with his Regiment during the time he wasn’t in Wayne’s Light Infantry in 1779, then he was at Brandywine, Germantown, and Valley Forge, as well as at Stoney Point.
Thanks for your work–
Dorothy Fleischhauer

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