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Hoff, Johan Jacob

I have read that my grandfather, Johan Jacob Hoff, was a part of the Battle of Brandywine. The details I have: AKA Huff, Hove. Pensioned as Jacob Hoff 28 June 1820. Cert.# 17562, Files#539712, Pa Rifle Regiment 1776-1777, Regiment of Foot 1777, 13 Pa Regiment of the Continental Line 1777 under Col. Walter Stewart, Wintered at Valley Forge under George Washington.

Keith A. McKain, National Association of GeoScience Teachers

Hawk, James

James Hawk was a member of the Pennsylvania Militia enlisting in August 1777. James served in Colonel William Evans’ Fourth Battalion. He also was present at Germantown and Redbanks with the Pennsylvania Line. He re-enlisted with the Virginia Line under Major Morgan and was at the Battle of Yorktown. James moved to Fayette County PA in the early 1800’s and received a pension for his service in 1830.

James Horton

Glendy, William

Glendy, William, Private in the eighth Pennsylvania regiment under Colonel E. McCoy in a company commanded by Capt. Eli Myars(?). He enlisted August 7, 1776 in Westmoreland County, and was discharged by Colonel Byard in Pittsburgh August 7, 1779. He was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown, and Paoli, and several other skirmishes. At Germantown he received a severe wound to the neck with the ball never extracted. His discharge papers had been put in the hands of a member of the Pa. state legislature for help in securing a pension, but after several years with no reply they were given up as lost. In desperation, he went before associate judge David Drennan of the court of common pleas in Beaver Co., Pa to tell his story, with Robert Moore a member of Congress also vouching as to its authenticity. His pension of $8 a month was finally granted on February 8, 1819.

Marlys Matthews
Relationship: gr,gr,gr,gr granddaughter

Finley, Joseph Lewis

This comes from DAR records and National Archives Records when he applied for and received his pension in 1818. His name: Joseph Lewis Finley. Born February 20, 1753 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Lived in Fagg’s Manor, Pennsylvania, quite near the Battlefield. In 1776 he was in Captain Andrew Long’s Company commanded by Col. Samuel Miles Pennsylvania Rifles, Second Lieutenant. October 24, 1776 put in the “Continental establishment” in Captain Marshall’s Company in the 13th PA regiment commanded by Col. Walter Stewart. Transferred to 8th PA regiment commanded by Col. Daniel Brodhead by Commission of Captain to take rank from October 20, 1777 later major in 2nd, 8th and 13th Pennsylvania Line. He also fought in the battles of Long Island, White Plains, Germantown and Monmouth. On July 4, 1782 in York, Pennsylvania. He died in Ohio and this is where he is buried.

Maureen Finley Slivka
Relationship: great, great, great grandfather

Cumming, Andrew

I’m trying to find info on the battles my 4th great grandfather was in. Andrew Cumming belonged to the 2nd class of Lancaster County PA regiment of militia. He was under the command of Captain John Scott. He was first positioned about half way between Walsh’s Tavern (where the British were encamped) and Chadds Ford. He remained until the battle was over and then left for Wilmington. He was born April 12, 1760 in Lancaster County, PA He died November 27, 1835 in Blount County, TN. He applied for benefits (due to an act of Congress in June 1832) on August 3, 1832 at the State of Tennessee Second Judicial Circuit in Blount County Tennessee.

Faith Haag
Relationship: my 4th great grandfather

Copple, Daniel

My gggg grandfather Daniel Copple served in Captain Daniel Burchart’s Company in the German Battalion of Pennsylvania in Continental Line and was in the battles of Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. Source of this information is Pension file S.42656. My SAR Supplemental Ancestor Certificate is dated September 26, 2001. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Pension file S.42656

Gary Neal
Relationship: gggg grandfather

Coleman, Nicholas

From Philadelphia, commissioned November 15, 1776 in the 9th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line as 1st Lieut.; discharged August 27, 1778, remark “Left out of the new Arrangement.” He received two hundred acres of bounty land in Muskingum County, Ohio. Most of Nicholas’ war records evidently were burned by the British during the War of 1812. According to “Biographical and Portait Cyclopedia of Montgomery County Pennsylvania” he served in Proctor’s Artillery and was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. I have not been able to find an original source to prove the parentage of his son Nicholas Coleman, born in 1801.

Biographical and Portait Cyclopedia of Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Dorothy Coleman Dangerfield

Chester, John

According to his pension application, my ancestor: John Chester of the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line commanded by Josiah Harmer or Harman. John Chester was in a company commanded by Jacob Humphrey.

Rick Proffitt

Bowerman, Peter

My ancestor, Peter Bowerman, served from Jan 1776-1780 in the 2nd PA Bttn/3rd PA Regiment, which fought at Brandywine and Germantown, and was at Valley Forge. His pension application simply says that after they came back from Canada in the spring of 1777, he “marched around to several places not remembered”, until he participated in Gen’l Anthony Wayne’s attack on Stoney Point in July, 1779. The muster and payrolls I have for him don’t include these places: they only verify his time in Canada in 1776 and his service in the Commander-in Chief’s Guards in 1780. He is also on the “Valley Forge Muster Roll” website, though they couldn’t tell me what records they used to list him there. I don’t know what your criteria are for including someone on your site, but if we can assume he was with his Regiment during the time he wasn’t in Wayne’s Light Infantry in 1779, then he was at Brandywine, Germantown, and Valley Forge, as well as at Stoney Point.
Thanks for your work–
Dorothy Fleischhauer

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